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Meet George Clark! 
Learn about his extraordinary life from his
humble beginnings in Vaughn, New Mexico,

to his rise as Vice President of the
Fred Harvey Company. 


"Give to the world the best you have,
 and the best will come back to you"

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Early Census Reports

Los Chaves 

Harvey House 1910

los Chaves Harvey House JPEG.jpg
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georges High school JPEG.jpg
diploma jpeg.jpg
roll call graduation jpeg.jpg
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front cover jpeg.jpg

George graduated from
Las Vegas High School
Las Vegas, New Mexico

Class of 1930
Las Vegas High School
Las Vegas, New Mexico

1930 Las Vegas High School
Graduation roll call & program

George Clark's 
High School Diploma

watch story jepg.jpg

most treasured 


George started printing
menus in the basement
of the Gran Quivera

1934 letter from the International
Accountants Society 

1935 Employment
Relation Questionnaire 

1935 Humpfrey letter JPEG.jpg

1936 internal letter for recommenation from the Fred Harvey Company

1935 Reccomendation
Letter to Mr. Humphrey

1934 Account Soc.jpg

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1937 Employee record  Fred Harvey Company

1937 employee record JPEG.jpg
1935 retirement question JPEG.jpg

1947-48 AT&SF Rail Pass

Fred Harvey Co. Organization Magazine promotion announcment  

This was a photograph that hung in George's office. From left
Stewart Harvey, Byron Harvey Sr.,
Daggett  Harvey, Byron Harvey Jr.


In 1955  AT&SF Congratulation letter

Harvey Family Executives

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org. mgt jpeg.jpg
chicago house 1940 JPEG.jpg
ATSF 1955 letter jpeg.jpg
seated Harveys jpeg.jpg

In 1938 George married June Eversole and they lived at 431 St. James Place, Chicago.

wedding pic cropped jpeg.jpg

In 1938 George married
June Eversole..

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1958 congratulation Hilton JPEG.jpg

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Congratulatory letter 
for 25 years 1955

Congratulatory letter 
for promotion to
Controller in 1958

Congratulatory letter 
for promotion to
Controller in 1958

Congratulatory letter 
for promotion to
Controller in 1958

1958 Announcement

of promotion in
Hospitality Magazine

1955 congratulation Harris JPEG.jpg
1958 La Grange congratulations JPEG.jpg
1958 CORLEY congratulations JPEG.jpg
1958 promtion jpeg.jpg

25 year
service pin

panel #5 jepeg.jpg
railway exchange with info JPEG.jpg

Naperville Sun 1968
38 years of service


Map from Naperville
to Chicago, Il 

529 N Columbia .jpg jpeg.jpg
1957 phone book cover jpeg.jpg

Chicago's Railway
Exchange Building
headquarters for the 
Fred Harvey Company

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Click to find George & June's
  phone book listings

25 years serv.jpg
1968 Kansas Bank congratulations
1968 VPcongratulations JPEG.jpg
1970 Hospitality Magazine jpeg.jpg

AT&SF 25 year
Congratulation letter

 1968 Congratulation 
VP letter

 1968 Congratulation 
VP letter

1955 Phone Listing JPEG.jpg
1957 phone book listing JPEG.jpg

George & June's House
529 Columbia Ave.
Naperville, IL  


George on the 
left Hospitality 
Magazine 1970

Fred Harvey Today 1973
43 years of service

panel #6 jpeg.jpg
AZ house JPEG.jpg
List of demands JPEG.jpg
retirement letter pres JPEG.jpg

Diamond Tie Tack

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Read George's 1975 retirement
memo to George Fujikawa

1975 Letter from Ron Barr
on George's retirement

Letter from Daggett Harvey
on George's retirement

Special retirement gift
from Ron Barr

Made by Blue Corn of the 
San Ildefonso Pueblo
of New Mexico


Blue Corn's

After retiring from 
the Fred Harvey Company,
George & June lived in 
Scottsdale, AZ.

Blue Corn Bio jpeg.jpg
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Saying goodbye to George

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