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Belen Harvey House Museum Investigations 


We came across the Museum when Ed and I were doing research for an investigation of a private residence in Belen. After talking to Ronnie, the Administrator, we inquired about possible paranormal activity at the Museum and he confirmed that there was indeed activity and most of the staff had experienced such.

After a subsequent meeting, we were given permission to conduct an investigation at the Museum on Saturday, April 05. We were joined by museum docents Jennifer and Heidi.

Analysis of all equipment showed the investigation rich with noises, loud bangs, orbs, physical contact and a possible apparition in a window at the far end of the 2nd floor hallway (further analysis of this particular photo proved that it was indeed not an apparition but a reflection.)

Personal experiences were as follow:

In the basement, as Ed was taking pictures, he experienced a feeling on his left hand of coming into contact with a spider web. Using his flashlight, he saw that there was nothing on his hand.

During the time Ed and I (joined by Heidi) were doing an EVP session of the 2nd floor the EMF detector gave 2 - 3 beeps once Ed stepped into the Theater room. No explanation was found.

I experienced a Hot Spot at the top of the stairs during my walk-through with Jennifer and Heidi. A temperature drop was felt as we were going down the stairs.

Noises were heard down the far hallway of 2 nd floor as if someone was whispering (although it was not caught on the voice recorder.) (Question: was this about the same time Ed caught the orb in the same hallway?!!)

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Sara Sather
Director/Lead Investigator

As a child I always wondered what those noises I heard in the middle of the night were. It was always explained to me as "just bumps in the night and not to be afraid". Being a person of Hispanic descent, I was aware of all the legends that were told but I had never put credence to them. It was when I was in Junior High that I had actually experienced one of those stories of legend. My family and neighbors witnessed a La Lechuza screeching outside of our home. Local news media had appeared and began to take photos. However, it was later reported that when the photos were analyzed nothing had appeared in them.

When researching a location for paranormal investigation, I look into a variety of details, including: the actual history behind the site, the people associated with that history and what event(s) may have occurred at the site.


Ed Sather
Lead Investigator & Tech Supervisor

The best I can recollect, I was around 30 years old when I become curious about the paranormal, but at the time, didn't really pursue it. It wasn't until 6 or 7 years ago that I actually had a couple of experiences that pushed me over the edge as a believer of paranormal phenomena.

Sara, my wife, Assistant Lead Investigator and Researcher for DCPRS and I were house-sitting at my stepdaughter's house in Seabrook, TX. The house had been damaged and flooded during hurricane Ike and we were there to help get it back in shape. I had heard about the stories of paranormal activity related to this house but, I was still a bit of a "whatever!" kind of guy.

One evening, for no reason, the house alarm armed itself 4 times... (mind you, the alarm service had already been cancelled). At first it went off 3 times about 15 minutes apart and after the 3rd time, I called out, "Knock it off"! I turned away, took only 3 steps and it armed again! We could not figure out why it had done this, but it didn't happen again the duration of our stay in the house.

About a month later, Sara had gone to bed while I stayed up to watch some TV. Finally, ready to go to bed myself, I turned off the TV and as I walked down the hallway to the bedroom, I start getting this uneasy feeling. By the time I reached the bedroom, I felt chilled and felt like something was watching me. I didn't see anything however, as I turned around, the chill became even worse and I felt every hair on my body stand on end.

These experiences gave me a new perspective on the paranormal and all the stories I had heard. My curiosity had peaked. Now seeking to better understand, I look to investigating as a means not only to educate myself but also those who are "whatevers!".

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